Practice in:
• Real Estate (exclusively)
• Construction Law
• Foreclosures
• Contracts
• Zoning Law

Why you should use an attorney?
Services we assist you with:
• Purchase Contract
• Mortgage Lender
• Real Estate Agents
• Title Insurance
• Survey
• Homeowner's Insurance
• Recording & Distribution of Funds

Any transaction connected with your present or future home is a major expenditure on your part. Since this transaction deals with your family's home, it should be important enough to have your interests represented and protected by legal counsel. Unless your transaction is being handled by an attorney, you have no legal representation. Escrow companies cannot advise you legally or resolve any legal questions or problems which may arise with your transaction. Consequently, it is better to retain an attorney's services from the beginning of your transaction, rather than when problems or questions arise. This early retention of legal counsel assures you that the attorney is familiar with your transaction and you particular needs.
In the light of the unpredictability of real estate transactions, you need an attorney to assist you from start to finish. While no one can guarantee you that problems will not arise, an attorney will guarantee you legal representation and protection at affordable costs..

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